Nice to meet you, my name is Emma. 

I am now twenty-six years young and have been blogging for an official year. This little thing started out as a hobby that grew out of control. Now, Everything-Emma has grown into a side business, creative outlet and has led me to meet some pretty amazing people. Most importantly, this blog keeps me motivated to try new experiences and strive for success. The one thing I didn’t plan was the outcome of the blog. I still have no clue where it’s going or what it will become. However, EE hasn’t let me down yet and the journey has been pretty remarkable. WTW-0135.cropped










4 thoughts on “about”

  1. So so very proud of you!!! You are off to an amazing start! Can’t wait to see what is to come on everything-emma! xoxo your fellow glitter lover and tuxedo cat obsessed blog biffy.

  2. We share family in common, most notably AR (Aunt Ruthie–a blogs worth there! 😉 ), and your daddy and I are cousins, so I guess that makes us second cousins. You are quite the polished young lady and any parent would be proud to call you their own. I love your honest outlook on life and your blog is precious and inspiring. Well done y’all!

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