It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, the first day of fall has come and gone, but the humidity and heat isn’t so quick to flee. After the summer we’ve had, I know even the tannest of summer lovers are welcoming a fresh fall season. I’ve always loved the cooler temps, maybe because I’m pale and it’s just a tad more flattering, or maybe because of the food flavors and decorating. Who knows, I just love it all!

Thanks to Starbucks, fall just would be fall without a pumpkin spice latte. I’m not about the PSL life, but I do love pumpkin in other forms, just not in my coffee. My favorite pumpkin other than pumpkin bread? White pumpkins! To quote Elle Woods, “Whoever said orange is the new pink, was seriously disturbed” So true Elle, orange doesn’t go with much and it’s a hard color for most complexions to pull off.

Alas, the ghostly white pumpkin is what fall dreams are made of and inspired this afternoon project yesterday. Two mini bundt cakes made of scratch yellow cake plopped together and coated with the creamiest, most dreamiest maple Amaretto buttercream. Buttercream ivy leaves and vines twist down from a rich chocolate buttercream stem. You can either devour this little baby yourself or share with a few friends, depends if you’re a good witch or a bad witch (note: eating the entire thing yourself means you’re a good witch). 

I’ll begin taking orders for the month of October and be on the look out for it’s little orange friend! I’m thinking chocolate cake with a spiced citrus buttercream, kind of like those chocolate candy things you smash and out pops little slices? Send me your thoughts, I’m always open to suggestions!whitepumpkinbuttercreamcake