I was approached by a friend a few weeks ago to see if I was interested in making this cake. Without hesitation, I accepted and was so delighted to make this cake. Virginia Beach’s Museum of Contemporary Art not only hosts some amazing art exhibits, but they know how to throw a party. The theme for the evening was “aqua”. The building was decorated with silver shimmers, paper lanterns and the watercolored lights made the entire building glow so beautifully.

I knew I wanted wanted to incorporate some of my signature architectural designs with addition of the large white fugi blossom. The cake is made of two tiers of three layers of chocolate cake coated in buttercream. I made an aqua watercolor technique on the bottom layer and drizzled a dyed icing on the top tier. The shards are made from white chocolate with edible silver leaf applied. I dolloped a few buttercream barnacles around the base and finished the cake with silver sugar sprinkles.

buttercream_chocolate_cake_aqua buttercream_cake_chocolate_aquabuttercream_aqua_cake_chocolatebuttercream_aqua_cake_chocolate buttercream_aqua_cake_chocolate