I met Holly a few years ago at a country concert. Sean was taking me on our second date and I was completely stricken with social anxiety, because yes, I’m a weirdo. I hadn’t met his friends yet, I didn’t know the band, I was still embarrassingly a pescatarian at the time and the horror of being introduced as “his new friend” was completely overwhelming. However, one cocktail later and I think I was equally as intrigued with Holly as I was with Sean. Not saying I swing that way or whatever, but she truly was “just dandy“.

Needless to say, we instantly became friends. Not only do we share an affinity for wine; but we love the wedding industry, being outdoors, hanging out with our guys, sitting in sweats on the couch and eating a ridiculous amount of cheese. Holly has been my biggest supporter from the beginning. She introduced me to the most amazing group of lady bosses, got me into styling photo shoots, gave me support when I was feeling weak and always always has the greatest most heartfelt laugh you’ve ever heard. 

It’s incredible to see how her business has developed just in the time that I’ve known her. She’s genuine, accountable, sweet, professional and ohhh does she love to spoil her brides/clients! The images below show her attention to detail and true dedication to her business. This was quite possibly one of the most exciting shoots I’ve ever been a part of. I’m not sad that I missed out on the sub zero temperatures, but I loved that Holly got to have this moment. She coordinates some ahhhmazing shoots yall, but to get to see her passion and vision combine into a truly authentic shoot was just the best!

Coordination: Just Dandy Events
Makeup: Dhalia Edwards 
Furniture Rentals: Water’s Edge Design 
Sweets:  everything emma
Hand-lettering: House of Flourish