So I really wish yall could see the picture of the cake I made for Tyler’s birthday last year. It was a total Pinterest fail. The taste was there, but in the midst of whipping together my favorite champagne buttercream frosting I got a little heavy handed with the pour. We can blame this on an oopsy-daisy, but we all know it was because I had enjoyed one or more glasses =] Anywho, I attempted an ombre frosting on the cake. Lesson learned, thin frosting doesn’t like to stay on the cake and the thing sort of melted into a pink blob. 

Luckily, Tyler is a wonderful friend and appreciated the effort I put in and trusted me with the duty of her cake this year. A few months ago I made a watercolor cake and used succulents from a photoshoot bouquet as decoration. I knew I wanted to do something special like that for her cake. However, the thought of buying such cute little plants just to stick them on a cake and later toss in the trash made me weary, so then this happened. About 37 YouTube video tutorials and countless Pinterest research, I took on making succulents out of buttercream frosting.

Honestly, I shocked myself with this one and couldn’t be more proud of how my skills are developing. Seeing the birthday girl with the biggest smile as she peeked inside the cake box was the absolute best part. Everyone deserves a little something special, big or small occasion, there’s always a reason to celebrate and enjoy something sweet. 

IMG_6962 IMG_6963


IMG_6964 IMG_6956 IMG_6951IMG_6945 IMG_6937 IMG_6936IMG_6970 IMG_6976

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