Whoever uttered the words, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, clearly never met my friends- or myself. Usually day trips don’t consist of too many activities because you’re so tightly bound by your schedule and sometimes don’t get to enjoy yourself. Well, clearly this didn’t happen last Thursday. 

A few months ago, my friend asked us if we wanted to go see Taking Back Sunday at The National in Richmond, VA. (Cue flashbacks to ill-fitting clothing and screaming, not signing, to music) I’ve never been to this venue and the opportunity to spend time with my friends and none other than VIP access at the concert, sounded like the most amazing day ever!

With Starbucks in hand, we took on the sometimes dreadful I-64W (luckily traffic wasn’t too bad on a Thursday). We began our day with lunch at Can Can, a brasserie in Cary Town surrounded by lots of cute shops and restaurants. The food and atmosphere didn’t disappoint, I mean, the place smelled like fresh baked bread- which we all know smells like heaven on earth. 

We perused a few stores and headed out to Hardywood Park Brewery. An old warehouse, converted to a brewery and already decorated with pumpkins- you know us gals were delighted. We even managed to to sample some treats from local food trucks along with our beverages. Then we were off to more snacks and pre-show beverages at a local Mexican restaurant, Baja Bean. [If you haven’t noticed, we love all kinds of food, and we’re not shy about it] Once at the venue, thanks to Uber =], we joined all the fans jumping, dancing and singing to the music- there was even a proposal on stage in between songs. 

If you ever visit the area, I highly recommend all restaurants, the brewery and seeing a show at the venue. We managed to pack in a full day of fun, just imagine what we’d be able to do in two days?




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