Besides aesthetics, I’ve never understood the appeal of fondant. The texture is weird, you certainly don’t want to eat it and why cover a perfectly good cake with something you throw away? [End rant]

Anywho, I’ve been asked to make a cake for not just any old styled shoot, but a HUGEEEE shoot, and a fondant cake has been requested. I think I can set aside my personal bias, just this once, because this is an amazing opportunity that I’m so excited to be a part of. 

Once I calmed my nerves a little, I decided to attempt making marshmallow fondant. After about a million Pinterest searches, I finally stumbled on something that seemed totally “do-able”. After all, this was my first time not only using fondant, but making it.

Surprisingly, the process was pretty easy [I know I still have a ton of work to do and things to learn] and the fondant had a pleasant taste [double win!] As if this wasn’t enough of a challenge, I attempted buttercream roses for the first time ever. If you haven’t realized that I’m not only a glutton for sweets, I’m also guilty of overcomplicating everything.IMG_3850


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