Growing up, I never got to see the monuments or city close up. We typically drove by, very fast, on our way to visit my grandparents. I didn’t mind, I had no clue what all of those buildings and statues meant when I was younger. I was probably flipping through the pages of Teen Vogue with chipped glitter nail polish while listening to my newest mixed CD.

Anywho, after my last visit to DC for the Florence & The Machine concert [insert girl crush], I just knew I had to go visit again soon. My friend Emily, who is the hostess with the mostest yall, invited the gals up for a fun filled weekend celebrating her birthday. From baseball and beers to drag queens and mimosas, we had the absolute best time laughing and cheersing to her 28th year.

I won’t even begin to start with the traffic, because that would end up being a novel. But huge thanks to my co-pilots and the dear employees at Jimmy John’s for making the most delish sub for when I got home.

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