If you told me a few months ago that I would be making someone’s wedding cake, I probably would’ve just giggled in your face. I mean, that’s a crazy thought. Flowers wilt and the Best Man’s bourbon induced speech will lose steam- but years after your wedding, people will still remember your dress and your cake. Was the cake dry, did you even get a slice, was the slice even big enough, should you have gone with the lemon filling, what about that gluten thing, should we use fondant or buttercream, real flowers or sugar flowers? I mean the list goes on and on, and for the record- I will never ever ever be responsible for sugar flowers or fondant.

Anywho, I met Lauren and Tyler a few months ago on a kickball team. Luckily, their faith in my baking wasn’t tarnished by my lack of kickball skills. When Lauren asked if I’d be interested in doing this, I’ll admit I was overwhelmed and a little intimidated. I’ve been practicing here and there and in some spurt of inspiration, found the confidence I needed. I’m so delighted to share one of my passions and create something special for their wedding day! 

I had the couple over on Sunday to taste cakes and get a sense of their wants. It was such a delight- from baking the cakes, to decorating, to setting up their spread, to having them taste the cakes and getting to know the couple better- made me realize, even more, how much I enjoy making food for other people. Below are a few pictures from the tasting. I prepared two mini cakes, one chocolate and one white. Each cake was filled with half buttercream and half raspberry cream and decorated with frosting on one side and my oh-so-fave naked look on the other. 

 IMG_6748IMG_6735 IMG_6757 IMG_6751




For any inquires about wedding, birthday or cup cakes- please email me directly to we can talk sweets!

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