Sometimes there are enough hours in the day. It really doesn’t seem like it, but that little thing called work gets in the way- bigggg time. I actually took some time off this week, not just a long weekend or left a few hours early, but actual consecutive time off. This was much needed, trust me, I tend to forget I’m only 25 and have the rest of my life to work. So naturally, I packed my week with fun activities, but I actually took a nap on one of those days. The big highlight of my week was traveling up to Washington, DC. A quick girl’s trip to see Florence & The Machine [major girl crush yall, she’s the best] with two of my gal pals turned into the best 24 hours I’ve had in the longest time.

I’ll skip the details and leave you with these visual delights, because honestly, I could go on and on about how pretty the city is, how much I ate, how great it is to spend time with these two ladies and how two cab drivers learned a lesson from Ms. Kane that afternoon.

dc treats

dc trip


cocktails: seasons52

brunch & treats: ted’s bulletin

concert venue: merriweather post pavilion


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