Since raindrops have been falling all day, comfort food was in order for tonight’s meal. Grilled cheese and soup is the kitchen’s equivalent to a wardrobe’s black and white ensemble. You really can’t go wrong. I decided to mix things up a little bit and spice up a classic.

I decided to make a guacamole and bacon grilled cheese sandwich. If adding a few of my favorite things into one sandwich wasn’t delish enough, I paired it with some chili I had made earlier in the week. Talk about a match made in comfort food heaven.

The sandwich started with some fresh garlic sourdough bread I purchased from the grocery store. This sandwich could be made on anything; flatbread or wheat would be good options.


I added some sharp cheddar cheese to the bread as the first layer. This way, the cheese got more heat from the grill and melted nicely.


Then, I added the homemade guac. You can use the store bought brand if you’re in a time crunch!

IMG_6938 IMG_6942

Then, the pièce de résistance, bacon! And more cheese, of course.


I topped it with the other piece of bread and sprayed each side with olive oil, I usually use butter, but for once in my life, I didn’t have any on hand.


I use a mini George Foreman grill for my grilled sandwiches, does the same thing as a pan, but gives the bread pretty grill marks. I’m a sucker for aesthetics. If it looks good, then it’ll taste good- right?

After a few minutes on the grill, the sandwich was ready for taste testing. You bet all that gooey cheesy, fresh avocado, delectable bacon and bread was just as mouth-watering as it sounds!


The chili was pretty simple to make as well. I typically use a crock-pot for my chili and let it simmer all day, with a busy week, that wasn’t an option. The trick to a quick chili is to season every layer; it turns out pretty darn good.

IMG_6867 IMG_6871

I browned ground turkey and season with chili powder, garlic, onions, cumin and cayenne pepper. Then, the not-so-homemade part, but it was easy clean up. I used a large can of tomato sauce, a can of black beans, pinto beans, green chilies, and fiesta corn. And added the same spices and anything I found in the pantry that sounded spicy. I let the chili simmer for about 25 minutes and I had plentyyyy of leftovers.


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