A change of scenery is a necessity for me. Luckily, I have a home away from home in Kenbridge, Virginia. Just an hour past Emporia, the “land of speeding tickets”, you’ll find a secluded town where the cows outnumber the citizens. Ten short years ago, my dad began his journey to create a shared space for fun and memories to grow as my family began to.

Here we ride ATV’s, explore the woods, visit cows, feed horses, take hayrides, practice target shooting, enjoy family style meals, admire the stars at night, chat by the fire, enjoy a glass or three of wine and appreciate the fresh air. Basically, this is the most affordable therapy you can find.

Saturday morning started out soggy and rainy, but turned out to be a beautiful day with lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, I had to leave this afternoon. However, I soaked up every last minute of the fresh air with a brisk morning run with my dad.


IMG_6387 IMG_6408 IMG_6447 IMG_6455 IMG_7288 IMG_7275  IMG_6381 IMG_6378 IMG_6461IMG_7292[horse photo courtesy of my lovely sister]


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